The history of Fargotex Group begins in 1999 in Łomża. Thanks to the trust of our clients, we are constantly developing and presently, we have at our disposal an expanded logistic back-office. Its creation was possible thanks to the commitment of our team. Through the years, we have had the pleasure to cooperate with wonderful people, who are both professional and passionate about their domains.

The key to the success of our fabrics is our awareness about their importance in modern interior. Fargotex products are the guarantee for the highest quality that is the result of our passion and experience. The comfort of our clients and aesthetics of our products are our goals since the beginning. We are doing our best to meet the expectations of our customers who are looking for the best textiles.

The variety of structures and richness of colours and shades makes that dreams about timeless interior design come true.

Magic Home Collection fills up the whole and creates a complex offer for everyone. It is possible thanks to the unique practical values and the ease of cleaning of fabrics from Magic Home Collection.

Textiles from Magic Home Collection confirm technological development of upholstery fabrics. Thanks to the Easy Clean and Easy Life technologies all our products from the mentioned groups are easy to clean. As a result, the stain is no longer a source of stress and the furniture will remain as new for a long time.

Stains disappear without a trace. How is that possible?

Textiles from Magic Home are not afraid of stains. At the same time they remain spotless for a long of time.

You do not have to worry about anything with Magic Home products. Drinking wine with friends, relax over a cup of coffee, carefree play with children or even chocolate cream - you can forget about your fears and enjoy life.

Even if the stain occur- it can be easily removed with water, soft cloth or the eraser. The stain will disappear and the fabric will be as good as new.

Just like it would never had happened.

Cosmonova design fabric was created for beautiful interiors. Brand, which primarily has been associated with tapestries, gains a new dimension with the introduction of multifunctional fabrics. It is the result of observation of our clients' needs, who are looking for innovative furniture and decorative fabrics of the highest quality.

Cosmonova design fabric is a stylistically coherent whole. Our collections were designed with passion and determination to make them perfectly harmonized with every concept and to create at the same time world full of emotions. It is also a source of many inspirations and endless arrangement possibilities.

In addition, to meet needs of our clients we not only offer the highest quality of fabrics but we also provide service support. which includes detailed measurements, extremely smooth sewing, individualization of projects and warranty.

Why Fargotex

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100

Products with Oeko-Tex® mark are free of dangerous substances such as: heavy metals, formaldehydes, chlorinated phenols, chloroorganic carriers, tin compounds, allergenic colorants, prohibited azo colorants (releasing carcinogenic arylamines) etc. which could pose a threat to human health. Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 excludes using dimethyl fumarate as a biologically active substance [the main purpose of using DMF (CAS-NR. 624-49-7) is hindering the development of mould, but the compound has a strong allergenic effect]. Out of concern for our Clients’ health, the criteria include such parameters as: high colouring resistance and skin-friendly pH-value.



Złoty Medal MTP

Award for the Lana collection

Złoty Medal MTP

Award for the Napoli collection

Przedsiębiorstwo Fair Play

Award for representing Social Business Responsibility

Medal Europejski

Award for Magic Home collection

Home Zone

Award for Magic Home Collection

Gepardy Biznesu


Mable Plus Produkt 2017

Award for Largo Collection

Złoty Medal MTP

Award for the Roko collection

Złoty Medal MTP

Award for the Linea collection

Złoty Medal MTP

Award for the Novel collection

Meble Plus - Wyróżnienie Produkt 2016

Award for the Magic Home collection - Sofia

Dobry Design

Award for Diva collection

Diament Meblarstwa

Special award for the collection - Sofia

Przedsiębiorstwo Fair Play

Award for representing Social Business Responsibility

Firma Dobrze Widziana 2017

For social commitment and implementation of the idea of corporate social business responsibility

Ambasador Polskiej Gospodarki

Award in the category of foreign Company Partner

Career in Fargotex

FARGOTEX Sp. z o.o. is a dynamically developing trade company. We are looking for ambitious, hardworking, creative and focused on the achieving aims employees.
Ability to work in a team, openness to change, desire to raise own qualifications and appropriate substantive preparation are the features which we value particularly with our current and potential employees.

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