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Frequently asked questions

Do you have fabrics which cannot be scratched by cats?
There are no studies that would verify material resistance to scratches made by cats. Howe...
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What is the difference between 30 and 100 thousands MARTINDALE's cycles?
Depending on the upholstery material (e.g. braid, chenille, flock) different scale of cycl...
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How to clean PU leather?
PU leathers should be cleaned due to the information given in user manual. (They are attac...
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How to clean a fabric?
Fabrics should be cleaned due to the information given in user manual. (They are attached ...
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What is the difference between water repellent and easy clean fabrics?
Fabrics which does not absorb liquids are not easy clean fabrics. Fabrics that don't...
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Do we find in offer stain proof fabrics?
There are no nonstaining and stain- resistant fabrics on the market.. However, there are ...
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What does Pilling 4/5 mean?
The level of vulnerability to pilling is defined according to appropriate standard (PN-EN ...
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What factors should be considered before buying upholstery fabric?
The choice of upholstery fabric is one of the most important factors when buying upholster...
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Does frequent cleaning cause loss of easy cleaning property?
With proper use, easy cleaning properties are enabled to 10 washing/cleaning cycles. It me...
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Multifunctional fabric - what is it?
Some materials thanks to the original design and their properties (softness, plasticity, w...
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Do you have in offer fabrics which are safe for allergy sufferers?
All Fargotex Group products hold Oeko-tex Standard certificate or REACH declaration.
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What is the difference between leatherette and PU Leather?
No. Leatherette is leather substitute made of PVC and that is the reason why they break or...
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Can I use a blanket to cover my sofa?
To cover all upholstered furniture such as: bedspreads, blankets, etc. it is important to...
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How often to clean and maintain a sofa.
Fabrics should be cleaned regularly according to the user manual (they attached to every c...
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Do we have in offer fabrics which are designed for doctor's office?
The choice of upholstery fabric for medical practices depends on the use of fabric and its...
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